Daniel man did he get some bad advice

Gafford’s best projection for the next NBA Draft is No. 21 but some of the expert analysts have him not going until the second round. WOW!
I think he should have stayed and played the post tournament out, now he has to do his works in the tryouts

No he should’ve just left last year.

I agree another year would’ve helped him. He wasn’t really guaranteed anything last year either. Their stock rises and falls during pre-draft workouts. Gafford, while a great Hog and someone i really love has a lot of holes in his game. He hasn’t been playing that long either.

He was definitely misused some this year due to not having anyone really tough to play with underneath. Best used in the high post pick and roll. Reggie Perry would’ve solved so many issues from this past year.

What puzzles me most is that he played with the most energy during his last game at Bud Walton, had he given that energy all year he’d be looking at lotto right now.

All that being said, I hope he lands with my Blazers. He will be a 4 in the NBA. He can develop his game there and in two-three years he could be something special. Gonna have to develop a jumper, midrange at least.

Define “bad advice” lowest projected salary for 1st round is approximately 1.4 million. Obviously Gafford could stay for another year and increase his 1st year salary by 3 or 400,000 and is wouldn’t cost him but 1 million. So he stays and gets picked in teens. Doesn’t cost him much does it?

Well, I believe the article says 21 or 2nd round you don’t need to sign with agent with that kind of projection. All year you heard Dan going high in the 1st round, now it’s most likely 2nd round, when will these Ark kids start listening to their head coach instead of outside influences

He got a little help today when it was announced Porter from Missouri, supposedly rated the # 3 center and # 24 overall(despite not being able to play last year), had torn his ACL, again.

If he goes second round, which appears possible, the money won’t be as much, won’t be guaranteed, the contract will be shorter and they could easily farm him out to G-League. First rounders can be sent to G League too but much less likely.

The rookie scale for 2019-20 is going up. Pick #30 is roughly $1.6 million a year. But there is no second-round salary scale. Pick #31 could make half of what pick 30 makes, or less.

Everything I have read this year has Gafford going mid to late first round…not a lottery pick. He is about where he was last year. He seldom was spoken of as a lottery pick. So what? That is just a first contract…he could be great or he could be a bust…it’s pretty much up to him. He has a ton of upside. He needs to get stronger and develop his offense and his shot, but he needed that last year.

I have seen a couple of mock first rounds that leave Dan out entirely. He needs to have a good showing at Portsmouth or Chicago or whatever combine he attends.

Best scenario I’m seeing now is Dan to San Antonio with the 20th pick. I like that because, 1, I’m a Spurs fan from way back, and 2, Gregg Popovich can get the best out of him. San Antonio has two first round picks; I’d be happy if they took him with either one.

He sure did. Should’ve left after last year.

Poppy would be great for Gafford. If he has it, Poppy could get it out of him.

Yes, with focusing on basketball 24 hours a day, no study hall, no exams, no early morning alarm to go to a class, it will be amazing what improvement he will make over the next 12 months.

Mike has said he regularly makes 10 foot jump shots in practice, but just won’t take those in game situation. He will take those in pros. You can see he has that in him.

Gafford has come a long way in his two years here. But just scratched the surface. He will make big money after his rookie contract is done.