Daniel Gafford's insane stats so far...

Through five games, the Arkansas signee and standout El Dorado senior center Daniel Gafford is averaging 20.8 points, 20.2 rebounds and 10.2 blocks per game.

And that’s against top quality foes, not against cupcakes.

If he continues to put up similar numbers, do you think he could be a McDonald’s All-American? That would be terrific recognition for him and our program.

He is ranked 48th currently nationally so that would be a steep hill to climb to get into the top 24.

If he had signed with Duke, Kentucky or Kansas (where he had an offer) - sure he would be in there.

Dudley, not trying to be rude or argumentative, but do you really believe in the “AR bias?” Do, you really think because he is a Hog commit he is purposely underrated?

What I tried to get across - but obviously didn’t - is that signees of those three schools get into all-star games

Those signees tend to get big jumps

I don’t think Gafford will get the jump he might deserve, but think that would have been easier to achieve had he signed with one of those three schools