Daniel Gafford

You think he has to put his name in the hat to talk to scouts?

He should take advantage of being allowed to work out for NBA teams, (Scouts and coaches) and get feedback. Yes, there are rules that prevent him from doing that unless his name is in the draft.

I am one who also thinks he needs to put on weight and bulk up like the baseball guys, they really show a big difference after a year here.

His weight and bulk was the one thing I had worried about if he went to the NBA.

very very good news for coaches, teammates and fans alike. this new cast of players coming in with gafford, hall, and the new point guard transfer, we just might surprise some folks next year, in a big way. stoked!!!

I’m not surprised. You can only do the evaluation once. He probably has a good idea of where he stands this year, so why not save the evaluation for next year, when a bad season might have him guessing. I’m thinking he doesn’t need the evaluation to know tht he wants to come back, so why not wait.

I didn’t know that, but that explains a lot

Great news. It sounds like the young man wants to make a mark as a Hog. If he continues to work and develop, he will be a top 10 pick next year, and get a chance to play with some of his buds in the incoming class.

Christmas comes early. Athletic, rim rattling big man under the tree. This is huge. Very exited about net year’s team!

Nice shot at Mike Anderson without naming him.

I noticed that too. Some just can’t resist.

The staff all need to be commended on their last few years of retaining our star players. In the past we’ve had guys like Young, Powell, and Qualls, that should have been back for another year but left early. Those days are behind us, we got Kingsley, Barford, Macon, and now Gafford all to come back. Getting guys like that back is probably the equivalent of landing a McDonald’s All-American.

What great news. Fantastic for Mike and all of us Hog fans.

Comments: remember Mike sent both Garford at the end of his senior year along with Kingsley to the nba big man camp, I surmised the young man isn’t pleased with the way they exited post season play…and that’s a scary thought for the opposition especially within SEC play. I expect to see a more focus team play on both sides of the court, including valued ball possessions

What a wonderful gift to the Hog Nation…

I’m surprised, but I believe it is good decision. He’ll lose some money because it will take another year before he is free to negotiate for the big money. However, except for necessities, money doesn’t amount to much. You can’t sleep any better or eat more.

The one big advantage: It’s a lot more fun to start and be the star that everyone is talking about, than riding the pine except for a few mop up roles with few people even noticing you.

I expect that same focus and that Gafford improves his offensive game a lot because he will be the focus of the offense early. He will get the ball more in the lane and learn to post up better with reps. Gafford was frustrated by Beard and Barford not getting him the ball.

I actually agree with that, but I’d put almost all of the team. I said early in the year, Gafford should flirt with a Quadruple Double every night. In my opinion he is going to get his 10 points, and with better perimeter players next year, it should allow him 10 rebounds a night. But, as has been said, he is the focus, him assisting guys when he is collapsed on, should be easy for him. Guys are open plus, we know his strengths as a defender. Now, I know a quadruple double isn’t going to happen. But in my opinion, next year Dan should average at least 10-10-5-2-2 (pts-rbds-asts-stls-blocks). Now, just to call everyone’s attention I said “at least” so don’t complain about that being to low.