Daniel Gafford



I like what I’m hearing…

Just seen that. Awesome news.



Looking at this as objectively & unselfishly as I can–and lord knows I am objective & unselfish about this–I agree he needs to return to the UA for another year. :smiley:

I’m really shocked that they are saying he is forgoing the draft. He should put his name in, get an evaluation and then decide if he wants to return, IMO not taking advantage of talking to the Scouts is a mistake.


Never heard of them.


No. Scroll through that account’s tweets and you’ll see what they’re about.

Anything can happen. But Givony is the man when it comes to NBA draft news (ran Draft Express and then ESPN snatched him up). He is the best source for NBA mock draft “happenings”.

Makes sense and I HOPE it is true. Just think how much better with 30 more lbs of strength.

I agree I loved draftexpress they are the best in the business and it’s not even close. Was kinda sad to see them move over to ESPN and require a subscription. If that’s what those guys are hearing it’s very encouraging news for Hog fans. However, as he said it’s not a done deal yet. We seen with Portis and Qualls guys can go back and forth several times before making a final decision.

Not saying that he won’t enter his name in the draft, he probably will, but I always felt like the guys going to get an evaluation was more helpful to guys on the cusp of being NBA prospects, like Macon, Barford, Qualls, etc. Guys that may not get a ton of feedback throughout the year. A guy like Gafford has been evaluated and watched by scouts several times throughout the year. I’m sure the coaching staff has a very good idea of what scouts think of him and what he needs to work on an improve and they can provide Gafford with all that information without him having to “test the waters.” It would just be a matter if he wanted to go hear it himself.

If true, return to school is his best option in my opinion. He will improve his skills, and next year, a better year for big men.

Same as I have been hearing on the being back next year, but thought - and still won’t put it aside - that he puts his name in to get the eval.

Looks like it’s all but becoming official :smiley:


Well, this is good for Mike. He can plan for next year better. He can shut down 2018 recruiting.

And now it’s official


I’d definitely have him enter his name for the draft.

  1. he gets feedback from the League

  2. I believe that he gets time with coaches if his name is entered in the draft, time that is not allowed otherwise. and he needs lots of coaching on half-cour offense.


Wow, great news, still shocked

Joy! Happy! Great news!