Daniel Gafford

What is the status of Gafford injury. Is Gafford working out with the rest of the team, I had asked Dudley that question in a post. I am sure he overlooked it. Does anyone know?


You can see Gafford with a brace on his knee. He also tweeted “I’m back”.

I also see Garland so I assume he is GTG.

Since your post, I checked some other tweets and it appears Gafford is definitely working out. Wonder why Dudley has been silent on Gafford.

Regarding Garland, I see him wearing his shirt over the workout jersey. So, they may be still withholding him from team workout until the Mayo Clinic visit, whenever that is,

Daniel is working out and doing fine from what I’m told.

Garland has not been cleared yet. We’ll see if he is. I understand that is still up in the air.