Daniel Gafford...

completely dominates Garrison Brooks who signed with Miss St.



Looks more like a 3-4 " difference to me. Insiders do you think that Gafford will replace Moses’ rebounding and rim protecting abilities in his first year? How much offensive production do you think he can give us next year? Do you think the minutes at the 5 will be fairly even between Gafford and Thompson?

It’s asking a lot for a freshman to come in and be as productive as a senior All-SEC player, but Gafford is about 2 inches taller and the better athlete, so I don’t think it’s out of the question that he replaces a lot of what Moses brought.

He’ll probably get most of his points off rim runs, putbacks and in transition, which is fine. Could see him averaging around what Moses has this year.

I would prefer to have him get about 25 minutes off the bench next year. No need to put the weight of the world on his shoulders by making him a starter. We could have an all senior lineup next year of Barford, Macon, Beard, Cook, and either Thompson or Thomas.

If we want to make a run in the tourney we will need Gafford to start and play 25 to 30 minutes.

Absolutely! We probably will need Gafford’s defense moreso than his offense, but we will need some of the offense Jimmy mentioned above. We also need someone to step into Hannah’s role next year. That’s not just shooting, but overall scoring. CJ could perfectly fit the bill, but someone’s going to have to work with him all off-season on his defense. Work with him enough so he’s comfortable playing D without everything spinning in his head wondering where he needs to go. He’s a very good athlete. No reason he can’t be a very good defender.

To get on a tourney run, I believe we also will need good minutes out of Garland at the 3 spot and those times we go 4 small players, replacing Manny at the quasi 4. I’m really looking forward to seeing Garland in a Hog uni. It seems to me he’s a perfect fit for Mike’s offensive and defensive schemes. I expect big things from Khalil before he’s done here.

When did Corliss come in and start. I can’t remember.

Mid-season - season one, because of injury

That’s what I’m talking about. Expecting him to be Corliss is setting the bar pretty high for a kid.

Bobby came in and started from day one. Obviously they are different players, but I’d expect Daniel to start and play similar minutes to what Bobby did.