Daniel Gafford...Not NBA Ready

Gafford is a tall, athletic big man who can play defense, jump high, and dunk, but he has no go to moves. Limited in his offensive moves because of the Razorbacks’ free style offense, and lack of big man coaching, he will have a challenge being drafted in the first round unless someone believes they can coach him up. He spends too much time falling down. I fear he will be a D league player, or part time sub. He needs serious big man coaching and a couple of go to offensive moves, like using his left hand, a jump hook, or a jump shot from 12 to 15 feet. He would greatly benefit from another year in college, and much better big man coaching. Thank you for your two years at Arkansas, and good luck Daniel. I hope I am wrong!

Search the forum and you should be able to write a book :sunglasses:

He is listed at #37 on the latest ESPN mock draft, mid-second round. I think he’ll go before that.

If so, it will be on potential rather than performance. That said the potential is very high!

What difference does that make? He’s gone and he’s not coming back.

Because he’s a Razorback and we care how he does transitioning to another phase of life.

This is what I know about Daniel Gafford:

  1. A fine young man
  2. He loves Arkansas
  3. He is proud to have represented our state
  4. He turned down $$$ from “other schools” - confirmed by an insider who knows
  5. Came back to play turning down a chance for first round money - loves the Hogs
  6. He will be loved and appreciated by his home state for all the reason above.

Most of the NBA draft is on potential, he will do fine in his development and be wealthy when said and done. What you are about to see next season in his replacement will not have the luxury of getting where we all want to be on potential.