Daniel Gafford ... Mr. Dunk-o-matic!!

I think he has something like 28 or 29 dunks so far this year. Most of them
have a pretty good wow factor to them. Just love his aggressive treatment
of the basket.

I’m not sure, but I don’t think there has been a game he has not dunked in
yet this year. Not 100% sure of that, but if he has its just 1 or 2 games he
might not have one. I still think its 100%.

Anyways, I’m sitting with the game winding down with me and my buddy
watching the game. There is maybe about 6 min left, and its not looking
good for Arkansas and he mentions that we have not seen Gafford tear
one off this game. I told him not to worry, he was saving it for the lead
change dunk and just not been close enough in score for him to pull it out
and throw it down. Well, lo and behold, I didn’t realize what a soothsayer
I’d turn out to be. Gafford did throw down a monster 2 hander to give
Arkansas its first lead of the game.

All his dunks aside, this kid just keeps impressing me with his desire and
heart. He seems to give 100% every moment he is out there. Hell, most
of this team does this year. So far very impressive.

I need to go back and watch it on DVR, but sitting at the game I recall Gafford dunk made it 72-71 Tennessee. Regardless your claim to a soothsayer should stand.

OP right. The dunk put us up by one, then Beard “fouled” (horsebleep call) then Macon missed the game winner.

Monster dunk.

Yes, I stand corrected. I have not gone to the DVR yet, but saw highlights on ESPN that showed Gafford lead gave us the lead.

Gafford got pushed around in first half but he was great down the stretch. He wanted the ball and his teammates got it to him.

Developing (learning and instituting his learnings) from game to game, and (as you noted) during this game. Would love to see him put on a few more pounds in the off season and come back next year for a monster season.

I’m really impressed on how he can switch out on the pick and roll if need be. Huge NBA skill.