Daniel Gafford interview

Did anyone see last night’s Washington-Atlanta game that Hawks won 125-124? Gafford played well. With 7 seconds to go Gafford stripped Atlanta’s Collins of the ball while making a layup and fed it to Westbrook who missed a three that could have won the game. That was an awesome play by Gafford who is playing crucial minutes for Wizards now.

Incidentally during the game, Westbrook broke Oscar Robertson’s triple double record that Jason Kidd had said no human can break.

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That’s a good interview, PJ. Thanks for posting it.

Great interview. Thanks for the link. Makes my Hog heart swell with pride. Stay well and stay focused big fella. Your Razorback fans are pulling for you to live your dream.

wow, PJ, thanks for sharing that. really really nice article,and just a ton of quotes from Dan. He really opened up and NAILED that. so proud of him.


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It is a shame Dan could not have played for Muss as he would have been a top ten pick.


Did I read correctly that Daniel ran a 53 second 400 meters in the sand?

Muss has shown that he is an excellent coach and that he will continue to hone his coaching skills. Arkansas is the place he can win it all and all signs point to a resurrection of Razorback Basketball. Muss has definitely brought enthusiasm back to BWA. Muss can recruit, develop player skills, attract quality assistants and raise excitement levels of the students and fans.

That is what it says. The outdoor world record for 400M is 43.03. So, Dan’s time is about 25% slower than that. So, it is believable, although it is extraordinary.

I am sovproud of Dan. Try to catch each one of his games. I remember watching him just before he enrolled in Fayetteville. He was so raw and improved dramatically in his freshman year. He did improve more in his sophomore year but not as much. That was understandable since the improvement in his freshman year was so significant. And now he seems even quicker and is stronger in holding his position. And other big thing is I have not seen him fall to the floor like he used to.

Coach Brooks and Westbrook really like him. Hope team management keeps him in D.C.

Pride of El Dorado

Tonight Gafford 16 pts and 4 rebs in 17 minutes.

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A lot of discussion on NBA TV and media about whether Gafford should play more.

Opened my eyes too.
400m in 53 sec on a track is pretty fast especially for someone that didn’t run track. In the sand wow.

if you dropped me out of a helicopter, 400 m off the ground, I’m pretty sure it’d take longer than 53 seconds for me to hit the ground.


Proud of and happy for Daniel. I’m also quite envious of him. Most of us, even in our athletic primes, will never experience the joy of really really dunking a basketball on a ten foot goal. I bet that is therapeutic! On the positive side, being a below the rim player has probably extended the life of my knees. What happens to high flying big men when they hit their 60’s?

Most I could ever dunk on a 10’ goal was a softball. But I couldn’t get the rules changed to allow that.

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