Daniel Gafford has signed with an agency and...

and is on a plane headed to Miami to live and workout

Told his teammates goodbye on Monday morning before practice

How does this affect APR?

Not at all if he gets drafted

I thought he had to be in good standing at the end of the semester of his last game.

Best wishes to a great player and person

You could be right. Not positive

Evidently not because all these one and dones won’t finish their semester either. They’re not skipping the tournament, but they won’t be taking finals.

I seriously do not get this move. He’s played 67 games as a Hog but the 68th is too much of a risk?

Even if the risk was only 5%, why chance anything at all on a game that doesn’t mean squat? I’m glad he made this decision, looking forward to seeing him in the NBA with a coach that knows how to use him.

I think he gave all he had when he played. He feels like it’s time to go and I wish him the best!

When will the Coach declare early for entry into comfortable retirement? Nobody fires a coach while deciding at the same time to name the home court after his mentor. We remain on the same, mediocre pathway, we continue to come up $2MM short each year in unsold season ticket revenue, and we continue to hope for NCAA program relevance by 2025. But, as Razorback fans, we always have a place called hope. Nevertheless, Go Hogs.

Wish MA was on the plane with him. Permanently.

He made the right decision. No question about that. But game means a lot. It is part of your permanent record just like a minor bowl game. Interesting football fans are delirious to get to a minor bowl game but want to treat NIT like an exhibition.

Arkansas will get a point for his being in good academic standing at the end of the last semester he completed.

Same as with Portis, Qualls, Hall, Martin and all of them that were.

I’m a college football fan and I think the bowls should be eliminated. Just do the playoff and give the teams not in the playoff another month to practice. Maybe I’m not one of those interesting football fans to which you are making reference. Or more likely, I don’t fit your narrative.

Are we talking about Mike Anderson or John Pelphrey or Stan Heath?

You stay classy, San Diego.


Don’t get too drunk on the haterade, dude. Although it seems to be way too late for that.