Dang Ole Miss looks tough.

Laughing my butt off at predictable Jim Chaney offense and Pittman big line can’t move Rebs

Butterfingered Georgia receivers didn’t help, but OM completely dominated.

Ole Miss looks like the second-best team in the West at this point to me.

after we knock off yet another Top 15 Team away from Fayetteville. :wink:

You may be right. Arkansas and A&M are in that 2-4 range in my book right now.

I like the 1-3 range better.

The SEC is opening for us if we are ready.

OM has blown any chance of reaping the reward of one great season from all their cheating. This year was their last chance before the NCAA lowers the boom. I look for them to lose 2 more games this year (Hogs and one of LSU or A&M). They’ll then be looking at the bottom of the SEC West for the next 5-6 years at least.

They’ll be battling Moo U for the bottom. MSU is struggling today with UMass, which would be an acceptable result in basketball. In football, not so much.