Dang, Liberty lost their last three games, blown out in last one

Wonder if losing their coach has something to do with it, assuming Freeze is going to Auburn.

Their coach only had Auburn on his mind once he beat us. Let his kids down, IMO.


I would agree.

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At his presser after the last game he made it clear he was open for offers. Which in a sick kinda way was refreshing. Hearing a lot of Auburn fans not on board with him. Of coarse they are always divided on coach hires.


Too many Aubie fans marinate their pork butt in Charmin and smoke it with Yellawood. I have no idea what that means.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I was shocked by the lost to New Mexico State. They blew Liberty out.

If the coach is shopping for a better offer, why should they bust their tails to win for him?

Self pride.

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