Dang Jimmy Sexton

Is agent for Norville and Malzahn. Yuk.

Yep…he’ll play us for more money for Gus and then offer up Norvell. Actually, I would like that but some others would not I suspect.

I’m all for either.

I don’t think Sexton will let Gus give us any kind of “going home” discount, and if that’s the case it will cost more in salary than what we are paying BB, maybe a lot more. The big money guys are going to have to give the foundation some serious money to make it work, which if you believe all the buzz some of them are ready to do.

What is not going to go over well at all is an increase ticket prices or season ticket donation levels this year. They may want to do that near-term, but they would be well-advised not to this year if they want to bring in Gus, that would just stir things up all over again.

IIRC, ticket prices are already going up for 2018 to pay for the NEZ project. I could be wrong but that’s my recollection.

If true, that means some muttering among some season ticket holders. If they put a “Gus surcharge” on top of that, it won’t be well received.

It is not Sexton’s decision to make. Sexton negotiates but the coach has the final say.

Sexton’s own formal and informal negotiations will likely eliminate a discount before Gus ever hears about it. The horse trading is mostly done before the client ever sees the proposal. When was the last time one of Sexton’s clients signed for below market value?

So unless Gus tells Sexton up front that Arkansas gets a discount over the market, which is pretty unlikely, Sexton is going to(and always has) demand premium prices for his clients while playing off schools against each other. He’s the Scott Boras of coaching agents. Gus is unlikely to have to decide on a lowball offer because he will never see it. If Arkansas did present a low offer relative to market, then Sexton would be telling Gus not to take it.

Don’t forget we are also talking about a group of people in head coaches who have rather large egos, and Gus would be a more than average example. A below market offer is just as likely to offend him as Sexton, especially in a year where there is very high coaching turnover in Power Five conferences.

I understand why folks like to give Sexton down the road. But you have to admit that if you’re a coach he’s a great hire as your agent. The guy takes care of his clients. Like him or not.