Dang, guess what's on ESPN replay now. Yup the infamous pop up game

Someone please tell me not to watch it!

Don’t watch it. Some things are just too painful.

Yay, I turned it off and watched “Hoarders” instead.

I watched. Wish I hadn’t. I literally got sick to my stomach. Just as I did when it happened in 2018.

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I was scrolling through the TV listings. When I saw that game, I quickly scrolled down. I didn’t even want to see the listing.



I mis-read the info line and thought it was the current CWS. It was bottom of 8th with two outs. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was about to be dooms day. I flipped it to Family Feud.

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I did the same thing. It took me a few seconds too and I was gone. Kinda like Frank and he 69 shootout. Never want to see it again.

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Thank you very much for reminding me of that game. Couldn’t wait to to watch it again.
(Sarcasm Alert).

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