Dang, getting a google survey before I can see the baseball game updates

What’s up with this site?

Are you logged in? If you are logged in, you will not see a survey.

Yes, I’m logged in.

I’m certain that if you are logged in, you will not get the survey. Click on the link again and make sure you are logged in when it takes you to that page. Remember there are two sides to this site: the message board and the stories. Just because you are logged in to one side does not mean you are logged in to the other. It used to be that you would automatically login to both sides, but then we had the redirect issue and had to modify the login process.

I was logged in. Clicked on the baseball story. Got the Google survey. Answered it. Was sent to log in screen.

Maybe I got logged out for some reason. But I was logged in earlier and did not log out.

I got the survey twice tonight! There are pop ups that still happen also.