Dancing with Sweet P

Catching up with Sweet P the Dancing Razorback. They have never found anyone better.

Loved it! I remember watching him as a kid.

Sweet P was great! I would love for us to bring him back for a 30 second dance and introduction at a football game! The original dancing Razorback.

We moved from Pine Bluff to New Orleans to join the Little Debbie team in January 1983. One day that spring I was in a Kmart store wearing my Razorback hat. A guy caught my attention and said “where are you from in Arkansas”? I walked over and had a great conversation with Gary (AKA Sweet P). It was like old home week with two guys from Arkansas enjoying seeing a kindred soul in south Louisiana.

Gary told me all about being the original Dancing Razorback. He was one outgoing fun dude. He had some good stories and like me was all Razorback. That night I told my wife and she said only you could find a Razorback to talk to in New Orleans.

I had not thought of running into Gary until I read Clay’s article. And in this article he said anytime he saw someone in Hog gear he went over and talked to them. I can attest to that personally.

When games resume Sweet P should be flown down to do that dance on the 50 yard line. Old guys like me would be in Hog Heaven.

I went to a couple of E. Lynn Harris’ book events here in Las Vegas, and Gary was there too. I’m not sure if I saw his first appearance or not, but I remember him dancing to “The Horse” by Cliff Nobles & Co.

It got the crowd riled up nicely.

Great story Clay, thanks. A fun memory and a chuckle are never wasted, but even more appreciated in times like now. Those of us on campus during the early to mid seventies enjoy these reminders of a special time and while we have not given up on looking forward, it seems we have a bigger scrapbook of things behind us.

My first memory of him was in 73. He could dance.

There is a name from the past. Those of us who have been on the board for years will remember when E. Lynn was a member. He was such a devoted fan and an asset to the cheer squads.

E. Lynn was Arkansas’ first black male cheer leader. He wrote a wonderful article for Sports Illustrated:

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I got a great ELynn story about problems with his delivery of Hawgs Illustrated to his Chicago apartment via FedEx. He wanted next day delivery. Every Tuesday. We got it fixed and all at once he was best friend. I think he put Dudley in one of his books.

ELynn was one of my favorite posters in our HI family. He is missed…

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He is missed and remembered and treasured as a RAZORBACK.

Are there any video links of Sweet P dancing? Nothing on YouTube.

None. That was first thing I asked Sweet P:.

Same here. I always read every post ELynn made. A great talent lost way too early in life.

That is a cool article and a cool dude.

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