Dana Altman

Just curious, is anyone rooting against Oregon because of their Razorback-for-a-day turncoat coach Dana Altman? Or is that all water over the dam?

Naw, I don’t blame him. The program was in very rough shape and there had been NO discipline. I don’t think much of the fact that he didn’t even want to try. But I suspect that he had been fed a bill of goods about the Hog team.

That and the Admin wouldn’t allow him to bring in some of his own folks to help clean up the mess. We are very lucky that Anderson considers us his home.

Seems like an OK sort of guy who was not given the full story. He can obviously coach. Really, don’t care.

I’m neutral on Altman but not a fan of Nike and their Trendy Wendy Duck affiliate in Eugene. I guess my order of preference for winning the It All Trophy would be 1. South Carolina 2. Gonzaga 3. Tie North Carolina and Oregon.

In my brief time of talking to him, seemed like a good guy.

I don’t blame him at all for leaving.