Dana Altman taking the Nolan "Take my job" approach

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Interesting he says he’s “not a promoter”. We sure have one.

He certainly has a history of walking away from jobs he thinks are too tough.

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This makes me happy. And I acknowledge that that is a petty part of me, that needs to grow up. But I’m still happy reading how whining lol


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A crowd of 3,300 is actually decent for an NIT game.

I remember when Arkansas played Indiana State here nine years ago, the attendance was 7,000-something, and that was about twice as many as any other arena had for that round.

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The Ducks should fire him and go find a coach.

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Ke’lel Ware is an Oregon Duck. He could be playing in the Sweet Sixteen now instead of the NIT, but that is on him.


Maybe Altman should win a few more games and participate in a real tourney? If you can’t win with all the Nike money buying players, it might be best to find an up and coming junior college job to coach at.


Ware is not a good player. He has measurables, that’s it. He has no motor. He plays hard some and loafs the rest of the game. He would have never played here because his “want to” and his “motor” sucks.

Ware probably matched up well with Altman in energy and motor, probably didn’t match well with Coach Muss.

Maybe he is experiencing “buyers regret” …isn’t Creighton about to key up against those “real” Tigers in the sweeet 16?

From what I saw in the box score, Ware wasn’t playing much in the NIT either :smile:.

About 6 ppg. It will be interesting to see if he sticks around Eugene or portals out. There was talk initially about him being a possible one-and-done, but so much for that.

I agree. He’d be down there with Blake and Arbogast at the end of the bench. Probably get in after they did in blowouts.

Oh, he might still opt out, but I can’t imagine anybody wanting to deal with his 'tude.

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I don’t think Slim Ware would be getting much run on this team. He’s only playing about 15 minutes a game for the Ducks. Muss has some men patrolling the paint. At 7’ 210, I think he would be getting pushed around too much for Muss’s liking.

I’m surprised Altman awoke from his stupor to make a comment
He is about the most uninspiring Coach I’ve ever seen

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