Dan Wolken on Barrett Sallee's podcast. Stunning about Jeff Long

I am going to type this word for word:

“It is interesting with Jeff Long, and I know I am going on a long answer here, when Bruce Feldman did that survey ‘Who are the best ADs?’ Jeff Long gets very high marks from the media. Within the business, when I talk to people off the record, like Jeff Long is not very well liked or respected at all. He’s just not. There is an interesting disconnect there.”

If you want to listen, https://vsporto.com/episode/26176/sec-s … direction/ and he asks Wolken about Long around the 27 min mark.

Dan Wolken does not like Arkansas. He is from Hot Springs and went to Vanderbilt, and has had a negative slant in everything I’ve read that is related to the Razorbacks. He may be right on this, but who is he speaking to and how many? It’s easy to throw out something like “those I’ve spoken with” after you’ve spoken to two people.

Something to consider: Long was named AD of the year recently by NACDA. That is an award voted on by athletics directors.

Oh I think you are being a bit too critical of DW IMO. You do raise good points though. I have followed Wolken for a long time (we are from similar areas of Arkansas so my bias may be showing) and he is often critical of Arkansas, but there hasn’t been much to be positive about lately.

He’s no Jeff Goodman.

Amen…Goodman announces via twitter seemingly every commitment any D1 school has. Just now he had one for Old Dominion. I noticed nothing from him when Embery and/or Phillips committed. So…I called him out on Twitter about it. He replied that he hadn’t posted info about those commitments because “that’s the first I’ve heard about it”. Whatta liar!! Can’t stand that dude…

This is total crap. Most of the time, this guy is stating ‘he doesn’t know much’, which is an understatement. Then he talks about the survey and that ‘he talked to people’ off the record and Jeff Long is not liked by his peers. That is total BS, This guy does not like Jeff Long.

BTW the buyout doesn’t look so bad now does it?? I guess Jeff Long can do some negotiating :smiley:

I think the boldface area says it all. What Wolken says is about like hearing “sources close to the White House…” That could be 15 visitors standing outside the gates of the White House.

All of this. He’s everything I can’t stand about the new age (in general) of internet journalists. He’s extremely, almost unabashedly biased, and yet ALWAYS has something negative to say about Arkansas. He’s THAT guy.

No. He’s bad. There was a stretch last year when it was nonstop and involved multiple sports. Enough that people were connecting the dots.

You may like him, but it’s hard to dispute he takes pleasure in slamming Arkansas at every opportunity and even creates some opportunities.

I agree he has talent but as it relates to Arkansas it’s ruined by his agenda and yes, in this case, it appears to be an actual agenda.

is a good writer and reporter.

But I do think because he is from here, he overcompensates for it, much like Troy Aikman does on a Cowboys game.

As for Jeff Goodman…

I don’t care what this guy says (I admit I’ve never heard of him, so I’m too far out of the sports loop to offer an opinion on him or whether he has an agenda.) Regardless, his quote leaves a whole lot of room for easy cross-examination. “Those I’ve talked to” could 1, 2 or even 0 people. Regardless, I judge Jeff Long on how the whole dept has done under his watch–and that is damned good. Oh, I know football is doing badly right now, but I also know that’s not on him. If CBB was a bad hire, it’s not one that anyone with any sense would have thought to be 5 years ago. And now we know (or probably know) that huge, “what was he thinking” buyout isn’t quite as huge as we thought. Meanwhile, he secured DVH as baseball coach, appears to have made good hires for track & golf, made a good hire in MA (we’ll see just how good if more cheaters are revealed), and has overseen tremendous improvements in facilities in every sport.

Jeff has his flaws, but right now I wouldn’t trade him for anyone I can think of. Certainly that great AD at Louisville is now looking for work, but I’m not interested in him.

Van Horn’s first season was in 2003. Long started in 2008. Also, that Jimmy Dykes hire was a trainwreck.
I don’t like it when he says “we are not a win at all cost program.” Yeah, no kidding. We never have been and I don’t see many, if any, calling for us to be one.

That said, Long isn’t one of our biggest problems and I don’t think firing him should be on the agenda, especially in light of the new info we have with CBB’s contract.

I know DVH came before Long did. That’s why I used the word “secured” rather than hired. He offered him an attractive contract to stay when many people thought he might jump at the Texas job. Yes, I also know Jimmy Dykes didn’t work out. I didn’t say Long was perfect, but Dykes looked like a pretty good bet at the time–especially for a sport that doesn’t draw a whole lot of fan interest. Right now I think the new WBC is a great hire, but it could turn into a trainwreck, too. Just as CBB’s replacement could very well be if CBB isn’t retained. Like it or not, hiring coaches involves just a hell of a lot of luck. When places like Texas, Texas A&M, LSU, Alabama, & Florida can make bad choices, you can sure as hell bet Arkansas can, too.

Something to consider: Other ADs might just see him as a patsy.


Well at least he didn’t kill the Kansas football program.

I was naive

You really go back nearly 4 years to respond to a post about something going on 4 years ago?

And you write “LOL”? Good lord

You could feel sorry for someone so insecure that they have to find stuff from four years ago to feel good about. But I don’t.

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Keep this thread on file for another four years, about the time Long gets fired from his junior college AD position in Costa Rico and retires on his Mountain Dew commissions.


I don’t wish bad on him. But I don’t wish gold either. Lol

Maybe Texas will hire him to manage concessions.