Dan Mullin welcomes woman beater to 'the family'

Nice Dan. Real Nice. I’m sure the Miss Steak coeds are thrilled. I’ll be interested to see what " I take responsibility for him while he’s in college" means if some poor woman gets hurt.

Dan has put his job on the line by keeping this kid. I hope the young man stays clear of trouble.

Not just Dan. The AD and the school president also signed off on it. All three may be gone if the kid screws up.

That is true.

Naw, according to Dan he had very little to do with the decision. None at all really. Why, they probably didn’t even consult him about the whole thing.

I’m lost here and lazy not to research it. May I be enlightened, is this a recruit, player on current roster, transfer, etc.?

All he has to do is say that he had no intention of doing it.