Dan Eons

Don’t you know he’s thriving now with all that Alabama talent. I’d like to see him get a head coaching job in on the big five conferences soon.

Well, evidently he couldn’t cut as HC it at the Michigan directional school. Seems like a good guy. He may be better suited as an assistant.

He didn’t get fired at CMU. He left voluntarily to come to UA and got a pay raise in the process. Less responsibility, more money. I might take a deal like that too. But you may be right that he’s better suited as an OC than HC.

Enos is an outstanding coach. We had one of the SEC’s better offenses the 3 years he was here. Nick Saban recognized the value of Dan, so good for him.

I think Enos is a very good coach, working for Saban will go a long ways for him becoming a HC again if he chooses.


I have always wondered about how legit his move to Alabama was. Did he sincerely go to Michigan and meant to stay but couldn’t turn down Saban? Or was it a wink-wink deal between Michigan and Saban to get around Enos contract with UA which didn’t allow leaving UA for another SEC school?


Not a lawyer, but I would imagine that wouldn’t have applied since he got fired.

I thought he was a very good QB coach. Was not in love with his play calling.

That became void when the UA fired Coach B and Enos was not retained.

Forgive my misspelling of his name, had a retinal detachment surgery a couple of months ago and my eyes aren’t 100% yet.