Dan Enos...

I know a lot of people think he’s a great guy and all. But I can’t like him in the least because he worked for the worst Razorback regime of all time in Bret Bielema’s. Many overrate him. Like it or not, he helped wreck us. It started going downhill in many ways when he became offensive coordinator. I can’t help but wonder if he was partially responsible for getting Bielema away from the physical style of offensive football he historically did better with. Got pass happy. While Saban is eons smarter than Bielema will ever be, and it won’t happen, I really hope Enos will somehow also help derail the Saban machine. Chances of that beginning to happen next year are greater in that he will be offensive coordinator. Not just quarterback coach.

Enos he is a great coach are you kidding me! Tua gives him major props into developing him into what he is today. I don’t think he had anything to do with bielema

Enos is a very fine coach. His offenses were among the SEC leaders in every one of his 3 years while at Arkansas. He is not responsible for a horrible defensive team that was put on the field.

Nick Saban, one of the greatest coaches in college football history, thinks a lot of him. He named him his new offensive coordinator. I think you are off base on this comment. Just my view. Nothing personal.

Arkansas’ offense was head and shoulders better under Enos than it was under Chaney. Getting Bielema away from that Big Ten, under-center, run-first approach was not a bad thing. It gave Arkansas a chance to win a lot of games when the defense was so bad.

SMH. You just keep doubling down on a bad hand, don’t you? Or a lot of bad hands.

I always feel great when you disagree with me Swine. It just confirms the merit of my position. Keep “SMH” all you want. You were the one saying we shouldn’t fire Bielema. LOL.

Enos is no genius. If he was so great, why didn’t he get a big time OC job when he left Arkansas? Michigan receivers coach and Bama’s QB coach. That’s it. Awful job as HC at Central Michigan. Please.

That second half in 2016 Mizzou game was just great wasnt it? The guy is just average.

You’re kidding right?
If not, then change flavors of Kool-Aid.
Enos’s offense was light years better than what Brett & Chaney could muster up. He also made the Allen bros a lot better to.

I go back to recruiting. That’s a big part of coaching. Dan Enos picked Cole Kelley and Daulton Hyatt. He passed on Taylor Powell and others. Then walked into a great situation at Alabama with great quarterbacks. Dan Enos can coach quarterbacks. I don’t question that. But I do question what he left at Arkansas. I think he did set the stage to sign Connor Noland. He thought Connor was a player, but the Kelley/Hyatt decisions revolved around height. Can’t always be about height.

The crappy line play was featured under Enos. He was OC. Awful line play was on him and Bielema. They didn’t play winning offensive football under Enos. Lots of flash and hollow stats. But not winning offensive football. Oh, and as for Chaney and Pittman, seems like Kirby Smart likes those guys just fine. Wonder what Pittman really thinks of Enos?

I thought Enos was one of our brighter coaches in a dark period. He made our qbs better and coached to strengths. But like Clay wrote, I have wondered who chose not to recruit mobile qbs? Our defense couldn’t stop them. We never let one play in the coach B. Era. It is like fighting a nuclear war without a nuke. Was it coach B. Or Enos, or both?

Bama loses and we throw mud at Enos,incredible! WPS

I guess the mud throwers were more fond of Chaney’s offense here. Talk about stale, but hey get with a program that has top talent like GA, not so stale, but not that dynamic either.

I could care less about who coaches other teams, I just want our coaches to recruit, work hard and get our players prepared to turn the Razorback program around and start winning on a regular basis.
It’s very easy to point fingers at past coaches and mistakes that were made along the way, but we need to focus on the coaches we have now and hope to see improvement starting next season.

Go Hogs!

Sorry for the double post

Go Hogs!

His 1st year here Brandon Allen had arguably the best season of any Hog QB in the history of the program and Alex Collins ran for almost 1,500 yds. It’s not his fault our defense and OL got worse every year he was on campus. Thought he was very clever and as you probably know - Saban doesn’t hire any fools.

The best offensive football I’ve watched played at Arkansas since the Petrino era was the last half of the 2015 season. Very high level offense being played.

Any games won in 2016 were a result of the offense.

The Bielema era ended in failure due to poor recruiting of linemen, linebackers, and DBs.

I sure hope you don’t play poker for money.
Knowing when to fold and walk away is winning in poker.
Losing Sam Pittman sunk the Oline recruiting. Without Enos we would have been 2-10 for a lot more years. The Rob Smith bend don’t break can’t stop anyone is what prevented Enos from having a lot more wins. The hogs scored points with him in charge.

Enos will get his chance to call plays next year and I suspect he and Bama will do just fine. I thought the Bama play calling was a little too cute at times given their talent. They need to share the ball and Clemson did a better job of that then Bama last night. It is about the Jimmys and Joes as I am sure Bama would have liked for #8 to stay home and play but he did not because he wasn’t sure who would be coaching him for three- four years. That is part of Sabans skill to take new players and new coaches and keep reloading. I am anxious to see Chad Morris over the next 3 years as he tries to instill the Clemson model here at Arkansas. Clemson has very little coach turnover and they all eat , drink and breath what they are selling.

Those two teams will likely be back next year for another round of playoff football.

I’m not sure there was any light flashing under CBB, but Enos did provide a couple of sticks rubbing together.

I liked both of them! WPS