Dan Enos

Best game I have seen him call this year against a quality opponent. Great balance. Great use of the screen and draw. Gashed Ole Miss with calls inside and out. And the TD with JC was amazing. I was well behind watching the game after a funeral today but my phone started going off with texts and I figured we had scored on that last drive.

Oh, and our players go to class, earn degrees and very rarely arrested. My kind of staff and leadership.

I like that he went to different plays inside the 5 to punch it in or this game would have been a repeat of the A&M game. He’s a great play caller & I can’t help but think that BB overruled him before by calling power plays inside the 5 like against A&M.

I didn’t like that wildcat with Rawliegh in the first half, and some of the first down plays were a little spotty. But I agree. We are lucky to have this guy.

He will be a head coach next year if he wants to.

Enos is a great coach that we have been lucky to have. Last year was his first and it started rough but ended beautifully. He got a lot of attention last year during that 5-6 game stretch. This is his first full year of understanding the team and capabilities. I would stay one more year for AA’s Senior season to confirm that you are not a flash in the pan for more contract $$ and better jobs.

I really enjoyed seeing the classic pitch sweep. Student body right, anyone?

I was really glad to see JC cut upfield on that play. I was afraid at first he would get strung out and not get in. Had thought that if Keon had cut it in harder vs the Aggies he might have scored. Sometimes the call is good, but not executed well.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we have trouble punching it in on short yardage and adjust accordingly. Remember that even against A&M we tried the jet sweep to Hatcher on fourth and goal and it got blown up.

Liked that option in the 1st half with Hatcher inside & RWIII wide