Dan Enos' player-by-player analysis

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Dan Enos is excited about the offensive line, maybe more than many fans. He’s very happy with Hjalte Froholdt and Colton Jackson on the left side.

I believe Dan is having fun just being a coordinator. His family likes it here. I believe he will be a head coach again but he’s happy doing what he’s doing with Bielema. And he loves the attitude of these players.

Some unions are just a perfect fit at the perfect time. The CBB, Coach Enos, and the Hogs Union is just that.

Probably our best football staff overall in 35+ years.

I have a hard time comparing staffs. There are some that when you look back and see who coached together, you might think that was the best. But they might not have meshed. Other times you thought there were some weak links at the time and maybe they were really good coaches, you just didn’t know much about them at the time. I never really have a feel for the ability of the GAs and sometimes they can have a lot to do with chemistry because they may be closer to the ages of the players and can relate to them and be that last piece that causes a mesh.

I will say that Bielema does a good job of making sure there is a mesh with players. He does bonding things. He is constantly talking to players in his office or in hallways or pulling them into a room for a visit. He is getting constant feedback from the leaders of the team. So he knows the inner working of the team better than most coaches I’ve been around at Arkansas.

I will say that Frank had some outstanding coaches. When you talk to guys like Johnny Majors, Merv Johnson and Doug Dickey – and I have done that through the years – there was the belief that Frank was very good in all areas and especially good at building staffs. He knew the hot young coaches around the country and brought them to Arkansas. He was able to do that because the pay was at a higher level than most places. He was the first to have radio shows for assistant coaches to add to salary and he also was the first to have setups with car dealers for assistant coach cars free.