Damarea Crockett

Don’t look now, but the LR Christian freshman RB is closing in on a 1,000 yard season and is averaging about 6.5 yards per carry. Remind me again why we didn’t offer him a scholly?

I’d say because the coaches like Whaley a little better.

It would be interesting to see how Crockett stacked up playing against A&M, Bama, Auburn, & LSU. There is not the jauggernaut defenses in the East. I wouldn’t trade Whaley.

I liked Whaley better too, but we also signed another back. Is he better than Crockett?

He attended camps at Arkansas. Jemal Singleton obviously worked with him and didn’t like him enough to want to offer.

You’re going to hit and miss in recruiting. Like a coach said, recruiting is an educated guess.

In other words, Arkansas’s coaching staff misevaluated Crockett.

Crockett’s season against SEC opponents:

Georgia 8-23
LSU 6-35
Florida 14-145
Kentucky 13-55
South Carolina 13-82
Vanderbilt 20-154

Nothing should have kept Arkansas from offering Crockett. We didn’t come close to filling our recruiting class. T.J. Hammonds could have been a redshirt wide receiver, instead of wasting a freshman season as a barely used, Plan D running back.

Hammonds is not getting on the field due to a lack of talent. He is a change of pace guy who has lousy ball security right now. If he gets his ball security problems ironed out, he will get a few more touches.

I’ve watched Crockett play this year on TV, and I’ve seen Williams and Whaley live all year. Crockett is not better than either Williams or Whaley. He is the best Missouri RB, but I can’t get too excited about missing out on a guy who would be getting less than five carries a game for us this year, especially with the additional guys we are bringing in for 17.

Not the first time and won’t be the last. South Arkansas coaches begged Petrino to take Kenneth Dixon.

Wasn’t Petrino’s rule of thumb to take the out of state guy every time if talent was equal?

Whatever his rule of thumb is, it seems to work wherever he goes.

I just noticed something interesting along that line. I was going through this week’s NCAA stats and decided to see, with our offensive line woes, where we sit in most sacks allowed. It ain’t good; we’ve given up 25 sacks, tied for #92. But guess who else is tied for #92? The Fighting Petrinos. With all Lamar Jackson’s speed, they’re taking sacks on about one out of every 15 passing plays. We’re about one out of every 14.

It would be hard to believe Jackson would not be injured by now if he played the SEC West defenses every week — except for ours of course.

He obviously didn’t think that of Dixon. He’s not the first to miss on an evaluation on an in-state kid.

Crockett ended up the far superior running back to Whaley.

Really? Both have eligibility remaining, neither one has done a very good job of staying healthy. I’d say neither one has “ended up” anything because their careers aren’t over.

Seems a strange time to re-visit this thread.

I assume because he declared for the draft?

Yeah I just read that in the Compost Dispatch this morning. Probably not a great decision. We’ll see.

Crockett has been running behind a better O-line, running backs do not make O-lines, O-lines make or break running backs and quarterbacks. Is Damera entering the draft by choice or issues at the Zoo? WPS

Yes, I was there when it came out of his mouth.

I miss Bernie - although I still read his online articles - but I enjoy reading the St. Louis Post-Dispatch every day.