Damage Control begins for AtM

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“After the report was released, A&M released a statement that said the university was reviewing Marchiol’s claims with the NCAA and the SEC.”
I don’t think this is going to be over in 3-4 weeks if the NCAA is involved.

After the minor sanctions placed on Ole Miss by the NCAA which involved academic cheating, paying players and several other violations, the NCAA has made it clear…they don’t care.

Curious. What did you want OM to get? Take away half their scholarships, death penalty, what? It’ll take them five years to recover.

Unless something else more significant surfaces can’t see anything worse than a wrist slap from the NCAA and maybe the assistant losing his job.

As far as allegedly making the guy practice hurt, etc. internally and with their fan base the Aggies are not going to have a lot of heartburn over the “culture” of the program as long as they win big.

It sounds like this kid’s main objective is to avoid sitting out a year for the transfer. Mars was able to get that for the Ole Miss kids.

I like that he is doing it to the Aggies. But, I doubt it will end up as a big deal. IMO

Swine, they have already gotten 27 commitments for 2019. Their penalties were very light for their actions. I would say they should have lost 5 scholarships a year for 5 years. They are better than we are right now or at least as good. Barrett Sallee predicts them to go 9-3 which is stupid, but they will not miss a beat except for last year. The NCAA could have pounded the Rebels, but they did not.

Swine, I am curious…did you go to Ole Miss? You seem to want to defend those cheatin’ SOB’s at every opportunity. What gives?