Daly and Daly II have an NIL deal


That’s a hoot! :sunglasses:

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I’ve heard father and son look alike, but for some reason I just don’t see it in that picture. :hushed:

There are guys in that picture?


Lol. I was waiting for somebody to say it.

I see it in the face.

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Yes, in the face. John II looks remarkably like his dad did as a college golfer. I covered John when he played for the Razorbacks.

I don’t think there is a Hooters restaurant in NW Arkansas now. The one just south of the mall has been closed for several years. I guess there is one in Springfield, Mo,

north little rock has one across from mccain mall

There’s one on Rogers Ave. in Fort Smith, or was when I left there in 2018.

Yup. Fort Smith has one. I do not think of Fort Smith as NWA but many do.

Ft Smith is River Valley.

Hogs n Hooters or Hooters n Hogs
Could be a title to a country & western song huh.

I visited with big John some when he was in college. He had some funny stories about Loy. He was dating a LD distributors daughter he went to HS with at that time. John was fairly quiet and soft spoken. Asked me to play with him one day. I didn’t go that day. Wish I had. Visited with him years later. He had no recollection of me but we had some laughs over his ex-girlfriend and her family. He thought the world of them.

I like Daly, but he needs to lose the beard.

Years ago I was in a tournament and Long John gave an exhibition. He said something that resonated for all golfers… I swing my PW the same speed I swing my driver unless I need something extra from the shot. Then he got a buddy to lay on the ground with a beer can on his forehead and a ball resting on the can. He knocked the ball 260 plus yards with his driver. I know how the can was emptied before being teed up. Both Tiger and Jack said the best hands in golf belonged to John and many in the game shake their heads and say what a waste of talent. Hard to argue, but John is all Hog and did it his way.


John did do it his way. He has had his ups and downs, but the ups have been incredible. To win at St. Andrews is an incredible high.

Someone who really understands golf explained to me a few years ago that St. Andrews was the perfect tract for Daly. He said the trouble was always to the right. John hits a hook. It’s an out and back course. He said the first time John saw St. Andrews he knew he could win there. One of the keys is the touch you need around the greens there. John has that, as others have noted.


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