Dalton Wagner and the WWE

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For those wondering, I checked and was told that Wagner still plans to play for Arkansas in 2022.


He and Ridgeway would make an interesting match in a wrestling contest.

They could make up a tag team. Call themselves the Road Hogs, like the Road Warriors of old.


Both from Illinois. Don’t know what to make of that possible connection. Wagner could start matches before the ref’s signal. Ridgeway would be in charge of celebration dances.


Would be huge if Ridgeway returns.

The Road Warriors were from Illinois too (Chicago I think). Hawk and Animal! The Legion of Doom.

Clay, I got your joke and found it quite humorous!!!

Funny today, kind of maddening during the season.(false starts and off-sides, I mean)

I think starting before the ref’s signal is mandatory from what I’ve seen of WWE.

I do not watch WWE. It is all false, right?

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