Dallas QB awed by atmosphere

Makes me feel old…remember him being packers #1 pick if I recall correctly. Was a triple threat and an outstanding college player. Dont think he excelled that much with the packers though the packers were extremely loaded back then…

UofA’s game vs. Texas Tech in '65 was televised. I recall Donny Anderson making an acrobatic one-handed catch. Hogs won 42-24 to complete an undefeated regular season. Anderson was also a talented punter.

The Packers drafted both Anderson and a Big 10 running back named Jim Grabowski. Together, they were known as the Gold Dust twins - a reference to the big NFL contracts they signed.

Something really interesting, Sawyer’s father Blake told me he talked to his father after he and Sawyer visited Arkansas and he told Blake Arkansas was his second choice. He evidently took a recruiting trip to Fayetteville but staying close to home was important to him.

Blake said that’s the first time he heard that from his father.

Donny Anderson would have looked great in a Hog uniform. He would have been on the '64 national championship team.

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