Dallas News Take on NTSU win

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That story is on the Dallas News site, but he’s the Denton Chronicle reporter. Don’t know what the arrangement is with those papers, etc. He did a fair job.

Up until last year the Denton paper had been owned by the same company as the Dallas Morning News. It is now owned by its publisher.

They should be rather excited in Denton, no more P5 on the schedule, Kiffen, Butch Davis, and Skipper are the only obstacles to 12-0 as I see their schedule. Not going too far out on a limb predicting Littrell is a P5 hire at the end of the season.

  • Not even, they don’t play Butch’s team unless the conference championship game.

I work at UNT, and about noon today, the pres sent an email encouraging everyone to wear green tomorrow for “Mean Green” day. I’m wearing a Razorback sweatshirt. It’ll be tough, but I’m a Razorback, and our history is far greater than their one day of glory.

I’m am upset, however, that folks are ignorant of the school’s name. There hasn’t been a NTSU since 1988. It’s UNT, and it is an outstanding academic university. What next? The Arkansas Industrial College Razorbacks?