Dallas Morning News Recruiting article features Morris, Arkansas

Good publicity for us in a key recruiting area.

https://sportsday.dallasnews.com/high-s … nal-powers

Good stuff and thank you for sharing Wiz…it certainly can only help our cause in this area!!!

Great article. The recruiting in Dallas is huge! If CCM can land another 3 or 4 out of Dallas next year it would be great.
CBB’s failure on the hill could be directly related to Texas recruiting ( lack of ). Anytime in the past when we were strong we had our home grown talent and lot of talent out of Texas.
Good stuff by our current staff.

The article kept blowing up a screen wanting me to get a subscription. What does it say?

It says that Morris and Staff has done a good job recruiting DFW metroplex and will likely continue to do so. Looked there were several more recruits still unsigned. Brian Williams was the #1 recruit in the area, remember him…

Thanks. We need some of those 4*-5* from that area.
OU and OSU have done really well in that area. Hopefully our current
coaching staff will lasso some of that talent and have them suit up as

The focus on the article was (a) on just how “fertile” the DFW area was (more than 300 football signees last year); and (b) how some of the “newcomers” have successfully recruited there based on their ties to the state. Morris was one of the featured coaches they discussed in some detail.

Of course, in the longer term view, Arkansas is hardly a newcomer to recruiting Texas. But as we all know, our emphasis and success there has not been nearly as great in the last 10 years.

Thanks, Wiz. These coaches obviously have deep, long
term relationships in that area. We will likely never take
many players that the Longhorns or Aggies pursue; however,
if we could level up with Okie and Okie-Lite we could again
become a perennial top 20 program.

If you think about it Wiz…we almost seem like a newcomer in this area since we essentially didn’t make it a priority over the past 10 years like we used too. HS coaches come and go and build other relationships and so now you are essentially fighting to get back up that hill with all the local high schools and their coaches. Thank goodness for CCM and the others being so well known in the area and so well respected. It should help us to climb the recruiting hill in DFW, bEastTexas and other ares much faster as a result of this and should help out recruiting a bunch!