Dallas Moore

Looking forward to the halftime adjustments and maybe guarding this kid

They were guarding him, he’s just that good.

I thought they guarded him. He hit some incredible shots. We’ll see if that continues. Step back 30 footers?? Cmon man!

N. Florida has 38 pts. Moore has 30. He did this against Fl and Cuse too. Wow, a lot of teams overlooked this kid.

Indeed. Stud

Yea some of those bank shots were ridiculous. North Florida is solid, their schedule has been brutal, hence their record. I’m not sure many SEC teams could play their schedule so far and come out with a winning record. They are going to crush it once they get in their conference play, there’s no team in Atlantic Sun that will be able to keep up with Dallas Moore. He may have some 40 point games then.

Agree. Watch the games. Almost all the shots he made were very high degree of difficulty. He was making guarded 30 footers and 8-ft running bank shots high off the board.

Sometimes the other guys are pretty good and make plays. It was a solid team win against a team that (if Moore stays healthy) will win a lot of games once they get through this gauntlet.

Moore had a great game. The Hogs had more team work to beat his effort.

Fun game to watch, and great win for the Hogs.

ditto! This kid is a player. The Potential problem I see if this coach allows him to continue to play that many minutes over the course of the season his body will breakdown with something more serious than a cramp

Dallas Moore was a 2-star recruit from ESPN. Rivals didn’t even give him a rating at all. Scout gave him 3 stars.

I don’t know how good he was in high school/AAU, but kid can seriously ball now. Somebody on a Florida board, after he lit up the Gators, wondered why he didn’t transfer to a better school to take a crack at a championship.

Could you imagine if he would have transferred here with the new guys we got. Man, that’d be crazy

Reply- yeah it doesn’t hurt that he is a senior four years playing in this program. In addition he plays with a great deal of confidence in his game

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