Dallas Keuchel rumors

Multiple reports have Keuchel discussing a return to Houston, possibly on a two-year deal. They don’t appear to be throwing enough money around to suit him, but at some point you have to figure that something is better than nothing. I don’t think his value is going to go up if he starts the season unsigned. Of course he has Scott Boras for an agent now, which may or may not be an obstacle to getting a deal done. Boras claims he does what his clients want, which is why Bryce Harper took a 13-year deal for less annual money in Philly than he might have gotten somewhere else on a shorter deal.

He needs to come to my Braves but we are being real stingy with the all the young studs we have. time will tell if the gamble pays off.

I hate the way the braves trade away talent. To right to filed a good team like the old days.

They definitely have held onto the talent this year I would have loved to see them get reamalto from Miami but we let him slide away to Philly for basically nothing.