Dallas Cowboys and the Razorbacks

How could the Vikings exceed it? You’ve lost your mind swine, the Vikings are in the playoffs the cowboys have to win and get help to make the playoffs

Vikings were in the playoffs before kickoff, but they had the division title in their grasp on their home field and got crunched. So performance in the game? Minny played worse than Dallas.

12 teams make the playoffs outta 32 so 20 go home and they won’t be one of them. Now “America’s Team” probably will be going home cause they couldn’t secure there win and NFC East title. My question to you is if you were a fan ( I’ve read your a packer fan so I know ) of either of those 2 teams how would you feel today

Dez caught it.

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Dallas has sucked. But going into last weekend they had won 3 of the last 5 division titles.

If you are going to suck, at least suck less than your division rivals.

Lizzo needs to find a new man on the Packers, not the Vikings.

Those of you who don’t get that, ask your kids.

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I didn’t know who Lizzo was until last week, had to Google. But I did see the “new man” thing; the mystery of who that is remains unsolved.

Wasn’t dogging the Cowboys per say, just responding to swine on how the Vikings loss was worse than the Cowboys loss since 1 is in and the other blew there chance to control there own destiny and be in also

Too many “elite” players are paid WAY TOO MUCH and I have no sympathy if they fail badly and it falls back on who hired them!! Zeke makes more money PER GAME than 20 people in my profession make in ONE YEAR…
If ticket sales drop in price and crowds diminish at Dallas, then maybe no future BIG TIME contracts will be awarded??? I wish I owned 6 cars, 3-4 homes all over the place and had a staff of 4-5 helping out in my household daily … No tears from me for Zeke’s holdout. Jerry has got to be hacked off 100%. The feelings and sentiments spread out all over the team in the clubhouse and at practice every day.

I know it probably would cause an epic meltdown, but if I owned a team, payed my guys a big contract, and they gave subpar effort, I’d sue for the money back.

Pay a person in another profession to do a job, they screwed up, you can sue them and get money back, why not in pro sports as well?

Where do they do that? Maybe an outside contractor, but athletes are not contractors, they’re employees. You can fire them, but you can’t recoup money already paid unless there’s something particularly egregious. If your doctor screws up your surgery, you still have to pay his surgical fee but you can sue for malpractice. I don’t think you can sue a free safety for busting a coverage.

Mike Anderson got fired after making NCAA tournament 3 out of last 5 years. :grinning::grinning:

In your opinion, will Jerry fire Jason if Dallas wins the Division title on Sunday? There is a 50% chance that Dallas will win the title.

How do you figure that? Cowboys are favored, but so are the Eagles, and if the Eagles win or tie, doesn’t matter what the Cowboys do.

ESPN’s Football Power Index says there’s a 73.8% chance that the Eagles make the playoffs, or that the Cowboys miss them, take your pick.

That’s what I’m saying, you contract them (just like you’d contract a painter).

But as I said, that would never happen.

Correct, both Jerrah and Stephen (who supposedly is in charge now) have hinted, no conference championship or Super Bowl and he’s gone

Now Dudley, you know you can’t believe everything on the interwebz. :slightly_smiling_face:

To me Eagles could lose or win. So can Dallas. Both are favored, but Dallas is at home and Eagles are on the road, which evens it out at 50-50 to my simple mind, odds notwithstanding.

What makes sports great is the ability to gig other fans teams while knowing you will get it back at some point. Dallas fans are my favorite to harass. Their passion is like my own for my team. It’s all in good fun and they will get the chance to give it back like most every other team, except maybe the Browns😎. Merry Christmas Everyone!

I think Dallas might lose Sunday anyway, but yes I think he will fire him regardless.