Dallas Cowboys and the Razorbacks

Doug Pederson is a really good coach. The Cowboys would be a Super Bowl contender with a coach like that. Carson Wentz is starting to play to his capabilities. The Eagles are primed to be really good next year if they can fill a few holes.

They could use a back like Rakeem Boyd.

If the Eagles were healthy they’d be really good right now. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen an NFL team with that many of their offensive weapons out at once.

If we get Jordan Howard back, we will be okay at RB. Really like him.

Miles Sanders is a stud. I don’t know if he could be a feature back for 16 games but he’s tough. And he couldn’t get on the field at Penn State.

The Steelers are similarly afflicted at the moment.

Yeah no Ben, no Rudolph, Conner got hurt yesterday, receivers are fairly healthy if someone can get them the ball.

Center got hurt too… offense brutal to watch.

Will JJ finally cut ties with Garrett this year?

Insert - Pittsburgh Steelers

Qb coach won’t help until you get the Oline improved, Ty Storey became a better Qb when he left Arkansas because of his Oline at WKY. Not trying to be argumentative Army but our QBs couldn’t get settled in it seemed and it also didn’t help that they never knew where they stood from week to week. I’m not saying our QBs were top level performers, I’m just saying we expected to much from them under the prevailing circumstances. WPS

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TV ratings says we still are America’s Team - the one that America loves and also loves to hate, which equals ratings.

Congrats on your team’s win and helping us get a change at head coach.

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I’m always amazed how you make light of the passion of Razorback fans but watch out when the cowboys get brought up. I can blame a lot of people for the razorbacks, jerry included.

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Cowboy fans use the - America’s team as their badge of honor. A sad moniker for an average team that had been barely relevant for 25 years.

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Riled up?

Ratings are ratings. It’s not a subjective thing. It’s right there to see.

My team sucks, has for awhile and I know it.

Not winners. But not relevant? Please.

Where have a I made light of Razorbacks’ passion? I have made fun of some opinions, but never their passion that I remember.

In fact, I usually compliment on here and on Twitter those that have still been showing up to see an vastly inferior product.

Merry Christmas.

I’m a life long long Cowboy win or lose. But the Cowboys started things in the NFL that were unprecedented at the time.
Drafting outside the box (track athletes) and turning them into All Pro’s,
Lot of draft picks from very small colleges that nobody else considered, turning them into All Pro’s.
Incorporated Computerized analytics into drafting.
Shotgun Formation.
To name a few.
My favorite was when the Oline came out of huddle and got set at LOS, if anyone remembers that.
They kinda suck now but I always ride the bandwagon anyway.
Dak was a steal for a 4th round pick Mallet lived up to his 4th round pick in the league.

Let’s see how everyone feels when you guys give Dak 30 to 40 mill a year… then we’ll see if it’s a steal but when your franchise is worth 5 billion what’s 30 to 40 per year right Jim

Proven performers get the big money contracts, sometimes it pays off, sometimes it don’t.
Same goes for all of those Steelers, Raiders, Patriot franchises throwing money at Antonio Browns feet. Despite all of his issues teams are still lying in wait to employ him if / when he gets reinstated according to his agent.

The problem with giving these star players the huge contracts is the salary cap. Jerry certainly would have no trouble paying them if he was free to do so but when you pay one player that much money it has got to be taken away from other areas. I like Dak and I like Cooper but it is questionable if signing those two is the best way to allocate resources.

On second thought… Dallas Cowboys = Notre Dame

  • Glory days are impressive, but in the distant past.
  • Mostly irrelevant today when it comes to discussion of winning a championship
  • Remains very financially relevant today (in spite of not coming close to a championship in decades) primarily because as many fans despise them as love them.

I think that’s a pretty apt comparison. ND has at least been nationally relevant recently. Dallas really hasn’t.

As big an egg as Dallas laid Sunday, Minnesota exceeded last night. As a Packers fan, I loved it, but I was shocked at how the Packers D dominated them. Even with all the turnovers GB won comfortably. You’re not supposed to win an NFL game easily with four turnovers.