Dallas Cowboys and the Razorbacks

There are some eerie similarities between the cowboy staff and the former football staff. The one common denominator is Jerry Jones. It’s as if he called all of our players this year and all of the cowboys. Amari Cooper not on the field for the final play of their season? 5 targets? WHAT? I’m sure dudley is pulling his hair out. At least he didn’t have an 80 yard reception in the 1st quarter and then never be seen again ala Boyd. They are getting slammed this morning in Get Up and everything they are saying sounds just like what we all were saying about the hogs. I can’t help all this Garrett, Morris, Jones connection mess.

Hopefully Jerry is behind CSP… financially… but nothing else.

Cooper couldn’t catch a cold yesterday… that was the Cowboy’s I know and love… SMH…

There was a huge thread on this last week. Full disclosure here, I’m a over 50 year life long 49er fan but according to last weeks thread the cowboys are still a dynasty, still America’s team, worth a whopping 5 billion, not playing for a super bowl or even a NFC Championship since 1995 ( think about that, a year after the Hogs b-ball team won the national championship ) people on here stated that’s ok…going to/winning Super Bowls doesn’t define what a great franchise is and how much there worth does hahahaha. Well you guys ( cowboy fans ) get to sit home and watch everyone else continue to play after next weekend again

The #1 offense in the NFL and they could not score even one touchdown, which very likely would have given them the win.

No Cooper on the late 4th down play, and a receiver position group on the field that made no earthly sense.

13 carries for Zeke Elliott, even when Dak Prescott was clearly injured.

Six drops by receivers.

No Elliott on the field for key 3rd and 4th down plays on the opening drive of the second half, leading to a costly fumble by Pollard.

I know they had issues at left guard, and Vander Esch was inactive, but the Eagles were decimated by injuries. Bottom line? The Cowboys were not ready to play in their biggest game of the season.


Jerry must prefer power and control over winning. Because both teams have the same pattern.

It’s hard to compare the 2! Pro team with a hurt QB that’s been successful and our hogs that just failed to get good QB play! Huge difference especially with Dak who has proven he’s a winner on and off the field.
QB coaching is what we’ve needed. Well coaching period, from the X’s and O’s to making corrections and enforcing standards!
I have respect for the Jerry Jones and what his done to support our hogs! More than anything else he’s a HOG!

I have infinitely more respect for what Jerry Jones accomplished as a Razorback player than what he has as the owner of my favorite NFL team.

Dallas Cowboys = Texas A&M, much more so than the Hogs.

  • Overpay for underperformance
  • Both fan bases continue to think you are “that close” to being elite
  • Those in charge of writing the checks have more money than football sense
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This is OT a little bit but related to a couple of crucial plays in the Cowboys game yesterday. In that game I lost count how many short passes were attempted that were not long enough to get a first down if completed. A couple of times they completed two passes in a normal 1st and 10 situation and then still could not pick up the first down on a short running play. My point is how much more difficult can it be to throw the ball 10 yards vs 5 yards? I understand the need for screens etc but those other passes need to be first down distance. Additionally, right the opposite on two different occasions when in crucial situations they had a short 3rd down situation to convert and they go for the home run ball both times and the defense gets a stop. I understand the element of surprise but they likely win that game if they convert on those two short 3rd down situations. The entire passing game approach seems flawed to me. When throwing the ball down the field throw it deep enough to get a 1st and 10 and on 3rd and short just convert a simple short pass and keep the ball.

I also noticed Lamar Jackson get out of the pocket and slide down just short of the first down sticks. Which were within 10 feet of him. KJ isn’t the only one who has had that cerebral flatus.

Sorry to inform you folks but the Cowboys have been disappointing since at least the mid 1960’s. During most of that time they just couldn’t finish.

I seem to remember Dallas being pretty good in the 70s and 90s, but maybe I dreamed that.

I’ll go look on google and check Super Bowls won and see if I was wrong.

But thanks for the tip.

Also good to know that the Razorbacks struggles are on Jerry Jones and not John White, Jeff Long, Bret Bielema and Chad Morris.


Hogs struggles have nothing to do with Jerry Jones. The man has given his all to our hogs.
The cowboys were playing with an injured QB yesterday and he was inaccurate all game long! The backup may have been a better option.
Sometimes I wonder how much all of us would give if we had the same success Jerry Jones has had!

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Injured QB didn’t affect the substitution pattern or the play calling. Fourth down play and the two best receivers aren’t on the field? Zeke gets 13 carries? As an anyone-but-Dallas fan I was happy to see that much mismanagement. But even with all of that they should have been able to handle a team with no offensive weapons.

I’m a HUGE Cowboys fan, but honestly I thought Zeke, Lawerence, and Smith had down seasons because they got paid last season and didn’t give their all, no reason to prove themselves any more. On the flip side, I don’t think Dak is an “ELITE” QB and him and Moore tried to ensure he gets paid like one, and that also hurt the team.

A few times, I’ve questioned whether or not both my teams (Hogs and Cowboys) actually quit on their coach to get him fired.

This year has been a strange one for the Cowboys. They are a very deep, talented team…certainly not a 7-8 team. Watching them play the first few games, I thought they were Super Bowl contenders. They were really impressive If Jason Garrett is back as coach, the only reason would be Dallas somehow made it into the playoffs and made a deep run. That is not likely.

I did notice the Cowboys have won the Eastern Division 5 of the last 12 years. They have been good, just not good enough. They have the talent on this roster to win an NFC and NFL Championship, but they need the right man to coach them. Who is a good coach who will agree to work for Jerry? That is a stumbling block for this franchise. I like Jerry, but he is too involved with the team, especially the media. Many good coaches won’t put up with the distractions. I think that is one reason Jason Garrett has lasted so long…he gets along with Jerry and they like each other. Well, the Cowboys have always been a soap opera and fun to watch.

Cowboy fans and Dudley,

As an Eagles fan, I am worried that we will screw up next weekend and Dallas will make the playoffs. And you guys will be back to being Cowboys fans that believe they are still America’s Team. We are still undermanned with none of the top three receivers, no Pro Bowl OL Layne Johnson, no Jordan Howard, no Sproles. Can’t believe Eagles won.

I would not be shocked to see the Eagles lose, nor would I be shocked to see Dallas also lose

In a four-team division, random luck would have all four teams win three titles in 12 years. And the NFC East hasn’t been random because the Redskins are so bad under Dan Snyder. But even then the Skins have won two instead of the expected three. Philly will make it 4 of 12 if they beat the Giants. Giants and Skins have won two of the last 12 each (Cowboys would have 5 of the last 13 if Philly wins).