Dallas Baptist tosses Molesters

DBU advances. Ole Miss & MSU advance. LSU now leads Oregon in the 6th. Will face TN if they win.

Not anymore. 7/6 Oregon in the 7th

LSU took the lead on an Oregon Balk!
They added another insurance rum and needed it LSU travels to Tennessee!

I’m kinda glad LSU or EOE are in the other bracket if we get to Omaha. We’ve seen a team that was on the farewell tour for its coach and rolled over us on the way (Florida State in 2019). We won’t see the Corndogs until the championship series, if then.

I’d like to see LSU to beat Tenn. I’ve hated LSU baseball for a while, but I’ve grown to like Paul Manieri and grown to strongly dislike TN baseball. I expect the Viles to win because they’re the better team and it will be in Knoxville, but LSU is playing for their coach.

LSU finally started hitting the ball!
Their pitching was burned this weekend so Tennessee may spark them pretty bad! The farewell tours for coaches I don’t want any part of.

I hope so. I don’t want to hear the commentators run on and on about LSU and how they are winning for their retiring coach. I hope they lose two quick games and go hone. Don’t like either team.

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I’ve liked LSU baseball since my first visit to the CWS in 2009. Their fans were friendly and not at all obnoxious. The team plays the game the right way. I once saw Mainieri get in the face of one of his players when that player hot-dogged after hitting a HR in Baum stadium.

Now picture Bianco doing that. I know, you can’t.


You don’t get lower in the crapper than Ola Ms baseball.

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