Dale Jr And Family Lucky

To have walked away from that accident today. Ran off end of the runway near Bristol, TN. Baby was on board along with wife and dog. Aircraft burned to the ground.

I saw a picture of the incident, not pretty , they are very lucky.

Our company has had several Cessna Citation jets. I’ve flown on them many times. They are (in general) extremely safe aircraft. Scary to hear this.

Dale Jr. is highly thought of in NASCAR circles. So happy they are okay.

Being a fan of NASCAR and the Earnhardt’s. Glad to hear all are OK.
But that looked bad, very bad!

I think it will officially be pilot error since the plane touched down past halfway on the runway, normally you touch down much nearer the approach end and the aircraft ran out of runway which on a clear day, is usually pilot error, but it could be other things which would come out after an investigation.

I’m not a nascar fan at all, but I’m still thankful they walked away from that. Especially that little girl.

NTSB is saying the plane bounced pretty hard on landing and one of the landing gear supports collapsed.