Dak signs

With Cowboys. 160mil, 126mil guaranteed.
Done deal Dudley.

As an Eagles fan, I am loving it. Keep him.

I’m a happy fan.

And an Eagles fan talking about somebody else’s QB situation? :smiley:

As I mentioned on the radio today, I wanted him to be the Dallas QB because of the player and person he is

• He is beloved by his teammates.

• Instead of having Dak Prescott count $37.7 million against the salary cap under the franchise tag, he will count $22.2 million against the cap.

As a result the Cowboys will not have to restructure as many contracts to get under the 2021 salary cap as anticipated. The cap has not been finalized yet, but the belief is it will be between $180 million and $185 million.

• 106 touchdown passes, 24 rushing touchdowns and a 42-27 record

• He has started every game he has played for the Cowboys – 69 to be exact – and has not had a losing record as a starter in any of his five seasons.

• The Cowboys have won the NFC East twice in four years and one playoff game.

• In 2019, Prescott set career highs in passing yards (4,902) and touchdown passes (30).

• In 2020, he was on pace to set an NFL record for passing yards with 1,856 in his five starts.

Yes Dudley and with the new TV deal coming up in 2022-23 I think. Cap limit should expand, ole Jerry will have lots more $$$ then also.

You got me about the Eagles QB situation. It is a mess. Poor poor general management. They got too big of a head by winning Super Bowl with a backup QB. They think it is not the players but the system that won the Super Bowl. Also it seems like no elite free agent wants to play for Eagles. I. Don’t think Cowboys need to worry about Eagles next season.

Agree to disagree. Fine guy, but not a great, or potentially elite QB. I don’t see how we can ever depend upon Cowboys management to make the right decision in cases like this. But whatever. I do hope he succeeds. Living in Dallas, it’s fun when the Cowboys are winning big. That happens rarely. The caliber of football play does not remotely match the caliber of the brand.

Good points Hawjawbend! Most here in DFW like Dak & wants him to be very successful. Believe Dak will continue to be a good QB, but most don’t expect much improvement for the Cowboys over the next few years. Hopefully Dak’s injury does not hamper his abilities. The Cowboys need a Brady, Rodgers, or Mahomes level of QB to overcome the team’s deficiencies, including the GM.

Cowboys need defense now.
That offense clicks with Dak running it. Why the Cowboys bit the bullet and paid him. Wasn’t hard to see the drop off when Dak got hurt. From 30+ points a game to about 20 points a game. Dak was on a blistering pace to.

I like the 4 year contract. If Dak does well, he will get paid in the future. If he does not play well, the Cowboys are not hung out to dry with a long term liability.

He was too good not to offer him a new contract, but not good enough to bet the future on for 5-10 years.

One interesting fact is, Dak will make more money in the next 4 years than Tony Romo did in 14 years as a Cowboy. Inflation and current market prices is mostly the reason, but it is still staggering.

Huh? The future? I live on the West Coast but 160 million with 120 guaranteed sounds like he’s getting paid pretty dam good now

The point I was trying to make is the Cowboys have a 4 year contract with Prescott. If he does not play at an elite level, they can let him go after 4 years or renegotiate. Prescott is not an elite quarterback, but he is a very dependable one who could lead a good team to the Super Bowl.

He is a bit of a gamble with the injury and his future mobility and health.

That is where I am at. I want Cowboys to keep Dak so that they don’t get an elite QB. If Cowboys do get an elite QB, with all the awesome talent, organization and resources they have, they will dominate NFL like the Patriots.

“Awesome organization?” I must be missing something.

You are missing something if you haven’t been a lifelong fan or follower. Cowboy organization was one of the most innovative NFL Franchises in 70’s 80’s maybe sooner. Brought a lot of 1st’s to the league.
Yea Jerry has caused more hate or should I say added to the jealousy which came with the tag of “America’s Team” Gil Brandt was a football genius in those days though.
As for Dak he was playing at an elite level when he got hurt. He’s put up as good of numbers and rating as anyone in his first 70 starts except Mahomes maybe who hasn’t had that many starts yet.

Cowboys got to shore up that defense period and hopefully new DC can do it

I’m both a lifelong moderate fan and follower. Have been since about 1976. I listen to Dallas sports radio here and there most days. Right now, this is an 8-8 organization. Period. Mediocre, whatever you want to call it. Not innovative, certainly.

Just how many elite QB’s do you think are currently in the league?

Of course not that many. Maybe 5 or 6. But I am always worried Cowboys are going to get one of them. Like somehow land Trevor Lawrence, who is projected to be one.

“Were” innovative and well before 1976 and some after.

I am going to disagree on that one. The offense isn’t the problem (assuming we can get the o-line healthy and consistent). The D and Special Teams are holding them back. I don’t think any of the three QBs you mentioned could help with that.