Dadgum, Nick, tell us what you really think

That’s not exactly what I said. I said the gap would widen between P5 & G5 schools. I just used those 2 G5 as examples of who are likely to fall farther down the food chain. We won’t notice the increased gap between Alabama/UGA and ASU/ULL. We’ll notice the gap widening between the better G5 programs & the lesser P5’s. At least that’s my prediction.

Yes, NIL has helped us so far, I guess. I am not sure the NIL has made the difference between the softball team’s recent success & it’s earlier mediocrity. I think the coach has been the primary difference. Now that might be because she’s done a better job with the NIL than her competitors, but the UA team was very good last year–before NIL became a thing.

Basketball is the same. We were elite 8 last year & again this year. This is the first year of NIL. Is NIL the difference or is Muss’s coaching the difference?

If NIL is the difference between our success & mediocrity, I hope we can exploit it better than others–or at least use it to level the playing field for us. I’m just not yet convinced that’s what has made the difference for us. It’s possible the NIL will make it easier to sustain our recent (unrelated to NIL) success. I just don’t know yet.

But I agree that the NIL will eliminate the difference between teams that paid recruits under the table & those that didn’t. I expect teams like Auburn will be hurt by the ability of other teams to pay players.

Softball just signed the #1 class in the country.

Hoops just signed #2. Anthony Black wasn’t coming here without NIL.

NIL has been a major player.


Oh I know we’re using the NIL. But I’m not certain softball would not have had the #1 class without it. I doubt we’re the only school using NIL. One of the things that makes our softball program successful is that it’s been successful 2 years in a row.

I have no doubt Muss is using NIL successfully. I’m not convinced he’d have be unsuccessful without it. Like I said, he made two Elite 8’s without it. You can bet other SEC schools are using it, too, though. Are we using it more/better than UK, Auburn? Maybe. Or maybe it’s now just another consideration & we’re not falling behind on it.

That will be must-see TV on October 8th.

Might be more intensity in this game than the Iron Bowl this year in Tuscaloosa. Bama with payback on their minds after last season, plus the huge coaching feud will have both teams and fans at a fever pitch.

Not to mention, both will also be coming off of loses to Arkansas the previous 2 weeks and the loser will be out of the West race!! :grinning:



In the immortal words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend.

A&M is swimming in NIL money and facility money. Witness this story from Andy Staples last month,

Cliffs Notes: They’ve raised $88 million in pledges, and $27 million already collected, toward a goal of $235 million for capital projects, meaning facilities. AND whatever NIL money Nick Saban was talking about.

Nick and Kiffin are saying what other coaches want to say.

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Will we always?

How would I know?

Beats me, but you seem to know

Hey, Jimbo, nobody said you cheated or lied (recently anyway). He said you paid for all of your players. That’s not cheating anymore. High times for the big boys.

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Well Jimbo did beat Nick on the field and in recruiting this time around. Nick has his excuse if the on field a$$ kicking continues.
But boy is this some juicy drama to kick around. Kiffin just getting started with this stuff to play with too.

Pittman made a timely request for salary/contract increase last fall. Hunter will be a busy AD.

I saw this on twitter:

Imagine a college football coach explaining the NIL “crisis” to a person in another business.

“So now the people who work for us can get paid, and if they don’t get paid enough, they might go somewhere else…it’s a disaster!”


Man, Jimbo threw down.

Sounds like a discussion in rural Mississippi circa 1866.

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