Dadgum, Nick, tell us what you really think

Don’t hold back now.

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I was reading somewhere that he made those complaints to a who’s who of Alabama business boosters. Basically a veiled way of saying “Get your act together”


How could a team that lost 4 games to average or below average teams go out and sign that class without buying them?

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Nick’s one great advantage is judge of talent and recruiting. He will be junk yard dog tough about keeping his edge in recruiting. TAM did not do anything wrong as far as we know now but they would not have been the only ones as things turned out. Nick knows it still takes the Jimmys and Joes (as does Sam and Muss who are being impacted and benefited by this new world).

Nick could have picked on Trojans and others but he plays TAM each year so they get the award this time. Ole Miss would have if they had made the same haul. Thing is money is a commodity now and it will just be matter of how much so new things will have to be found to get that level of interest going forward. Cannot wait until players are getting more than head coach (NFL LITE).

What irony, a Bama coach bitching about someone buying players. We all know how Bama got to be a blue blood. The message was directed toward the Bama boosters, falling behind the money game is not acceptable. It won’t take long to set in.


His prior business model — buying a few great players, or having others in the Bama nation do it — is under attack. He’s feeling the edge. No sympathy for him. But he’s obviously highly competent and insists on winning. He will do what it takes to re gain whatever he’s lost.


Jimbo’s response.

Text from a well connected person in Texas.

“Saban just told the truth”


NIL is going to ruin these kids. They’ll never be able to handle it.

/eye roll

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Jimbo says Nicky should have been slapped as a child.

Hey, don’t forget Prime Time, he wants in on the HYPE ! He was mentioned.

October 8 Baby ! :sunglasses:


NIL is here to stay. It’s silly to think it wouldn’t be discussed during recruiting. It’s also silly to think we’re in anything but a bidding war now. Unless Congress somehow intervenes, the only limitation I see is the ability of a school to get enough money to compete. The pros have a draft & salary caps. That puts a limit on bidding wars. But colleges? The only limit will be how much a school can put together.

Many boosters will decide to pay players rather than Athletic Funds.

This could force schools to cut coaches’ salaries and staff sizes. That wouldn’t bother me. Coach’s salaries and the size of the staffs are grossly excessive, imo.

It could slow the facility war which has been going on for decades too.

There is only so much money to go around.

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Yeah, very few schools have unlimited resources, but some have a whole lot more than others. Texas A&M is one of the “haves.” Most of the SEC schools are among the “haves”, but there are about 5-6 that have more than others. The “haves” and “have mostest” if you will.

The biggest limitation will be on how much boosters are willing to spend. However, I agree that more money is likely going to be directed straight to the players & less to the other inducements schools have been using.

I suspect we’ll see a bigger gap between the P5 schools & G5 schools pretty soon. A school like ASU or Louisiana Lafayette won’t be able to compete. Every school has a couple of wealthy boosters, but few have exorbitantly wealthy ones who are willing to pay the kind of cash boosters in Texas are willing to give UT or TAMU. We’re fortunate to have the Hunt, Tyson, Jones families. Also have a lot of Walton families. (However since Bud died, I’m not aware of any huge donations from the Walton family to athletics.)

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ASU and Lafayette aren’t competing to begin with. Bama, UGA, LSU etc weren’t losing any recruits to ASU or LaLa before or after NIL.

NIL is the best thing to ever happen to UA athletics. Look at softball and Everette motors. Look at our basketball recruiting class. NIL has leveled the playing field for us.


We’ve complained for years that other teams are paying for recruits and the NCAA does nothing about it.

Welp, it’s all out in the open now. If we aren’t going to take advantage, that’s on us.

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