Just keep this in mind:


Also, when he was hired, he was not the “Big Name” that so many Hog fans clamor for. He wasn’t even a Coordinator. He was a Position Coach.

Former Hog and JFB Assistant Terry Don Phillips made the hire. Dabo has made him look like a genius.

(Sorry if this has been posted already. I missed it, if it was).

CCM has an idea or two on how he done it, too :sunglasses:

Personally, I think it’s less a question of if CCM will get the job done as it is a question of if Arkansas can keep him once he does.

I suppose that’s a potential problem, but it’s one I’d love to have. However, we have a very wealthy program. If we become as successful as Clemson, we’ll be wealthier still. I’m not too concerned about keeping a good coach.

I’m not worried about it per se, and would definitely love to have to worry about it. My point is I think CCM, given time, will get the program off the ground. But will he wait out the calls of other programs that can pay high dollar to do the same for them? It will be interesting to see.

We can pay enough to keep CM if he gets us turned around. That’s not an issue. Power 5 coaches who win rarely get raided, Dana Holgorsen being the exception that proves the rule.

The two I worry about are not likely to come open any time soon - Clemson and Texas A&M. But it does pose somewhat of a dilema for me as I desperately wish failure on Jimbo in Aggieland (although it appears they are trending upward, despite my wishes). However, if he DOES fail . . . and Morris does what i expect him to here . . . well, that would be “Mama” calling him back home.

Don’t think Dabo will ever go to the NFL - just seems like more of a College coach to me. And I don’t know where other than Clemson HE would go - unless Saban retires and “Mama” calls Dabo back home.

But for now, I think we’re OK.

I was having this discussion on Facebook today with some Bama fans. Of course in their arrogance they believe there’s no way Dabo could turn them down when Saban retires. I believe there’s very much way. He’s the king of Clemson right now. He’s making $6M plus now and probably earned himself a big raise last night. At Alabama he’d just be the next coach, and if he didn’t win enough to suit them, he’d be chewed up just like Ray Perkins and Bill Curry and Dennis Franchione and Mike DuBose and Mike Shula. Their standards are Bear/Saban level winning. DuBose won an SEC title in 1999 and was fired in 2000. Gene Stallings won the NC in '92 and was gone five years later with the help of NCAA probation in the Antonio Langham mess (they seriously got the book thrown at them for that one, four years and 30 lost scholarships).

Anyway, point is Dabo has it good in Clemson and he knows it. They love him, they throw money at him, he can win titles, the ACC is not as tough as the SEC and the fan expectations are not as ridiculous. Yet. He keeps going like this, they may start expecting 14 wins a year.

For every Dabo there’s 100 coaches that never get close to his kind of sucess. I sure hope we have to worry about how we are going to raise money to keep CCM but right now I’m setting my sights just a tad lower and more in the range of winning 5 to 6 games next season and not setting expectations on our coach to put more pressure than he already has at this time. WPS

Excellent point Mar[size=150]t[/size]y. [I fixed that for you. :smiley: -BBH]