Da Bears

Victorious last night over the Split Pea Guvnuhs. I did not get to see the game. Curious what the attendance was. I saw that Jarod Barnes had 2 receptions for 18 yards. He does not appear to be blowing up in Conway. I wonder if his skills would have been better suited to the other side of the ball.

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The announcers mentioned 2,000 tickets were available. Each school was given 400 tickets and the remaining 1,200 were to be sold to the public. I think they didn’t say what the actual attendance was.

I’ll always have a very soft spot in my heart for Mr. Barnes, wish him all the best and a wonderful life! Go Bears!


There was hardly anybody there. I can’t imagine the total was over 1000.

Yes Holden, JB did deny The Brand a state title, and I will always be grateful for that also!

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Pretty sure I heard the announcers say at one point the crowd estimate was about 1,000.

Didn’t see the game, but if only 1,000 in attendance is pretty bad. Hard to be surprised, though. Neither team is from the area where the game was played, neither team is well known outside their own areas, & the pandemic is pretty bad in Alabama.

Yeah but that’s 1000 more people than will be in any MLB stadium tonight. Those are some pretty hard core football fans. I’m not covid paranoid, but I’m not going to be attending any live sporting events anytime soon.

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