D1Baseball's "Eight for Omaha" for 2020

Two of the three analysts project the Hogs to make a third straight trip.

https://d1baseball.com/analysis/crystal … a-in-2020/

Meanwhile, Baseball America has us being eliminated in the Super Regional round.

https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories … ld-series/

That is Teddy Cahill’s list, not a staff effort.

Didn’t say it was a “staff selection”.

It appears in Baseball America, and he is one of their staff writers. So . . . in the perception of the world in general - it is “Baseball America’s pick”. Not many readers will parse it to see which writer produced it. Most don’t even know (or care) who their writers are.

Not a big deal anyhow. Just a “too early” projection to provide something of interest during the dead days of this site.