D1Baseball updates Field of 64 ...This would be sweet!

After all of the SWC and NCAA Tournament games we’ve played in Austin, I’ve been waiting almost 30 years for them to have to come to our house in the post-season.

Long way to go yet, but this projection would be fantastic…

Mind you, neither Regional field would be a cake walk…but if form held it would be an all-time Super in Baum-Walker…

Oh yes, that would be fun all the way around. Also noticed that little potential of texass and aTm. After that, neither would care.

Yes, you are right. Meant to mention that, but forgot.

But it’s the Horns we’d want up here…we’ve had the Aggies come in many times - heck, they’ll be here next weekend. And the Horns have visited for a couple of mid-week games. But I want them here for a series that matters in the post-season.

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