D1Baseball still has Hogs #2

A bit surprised that Hogs are #2 in today’s Top 25 ranking from D1baseball.com.

Winning a series is like winning one football game
They generally don’t drop teams that win series

Moo U dropped from 4 to 7 after series loss at home against the Dirtbags.

I am not at all surprised. D1 understands baseball. Losing one game in a three games series (to a pretty good team) is not such a big deal in the scheme of things.

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I have to think hard when I read a post like that. Who are you talking about?

Communication starts with the ability to express a simple thought in the easiest to understand words. You fail in that, Jeff.

There are a handful who follow it, but it is frustrating to most.

A good way for you to do it would be first reference parentheses so someone new or not regular gets it.

I really had no idea who dirt bags might be.


Dirtbags is the official nickname (not sure it qualifies as a mascot) of the Long Beach State baseball program. Everybody else at LBSU is the 49ers, but the baseball team embraced Dirtbags for some unknown reason.

I recall that now that you write that, but whey not communicate clearly? It’s just against every sort of training you had in your media background, right? If you want people to understand you, write it clearly. I just don’t understand why you do that.


The best I can tell, Long Beach dropped the 49ers mascot a couple of years ago due to controversy over a statue. I think the nickname for the other sports now is “Beach” with a shark mascot.

Dirtbags is a cool name for a baseball team.

Thanks Clay. I often don’t understand who he is commenting about.

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I thought you were using one of your pejorative nicknames & had no idea who they were. I had to look up who MSU played last weekend. I wondered why you used one for them. Never occurred to me that was a nickname the program actually uses. “Moo U” I understood.

That’s the problem with reading Jeff. Sometimes only Jeff knows what he is writing about. Frustrating.

My father told me once, “Write so even a sixth grader will understand.” Obviously, he didn’t always do that. But he knew that sixth graders were reading his stories. I’ve had many people tell me they learned how to read to be able to read his columns and join in the conversations with the adults – or at least understand what they were talking about.

If you are into communication, you should write plainly and talk plainly.

When my father got into radio and TV, he would sit by a reel to reel recorder and talk and then listen to it. He said he had to slow down and he made sure he was clear and concise. That’s how we should write and talk.


You should want to be understood. It’s pretty simple and most here would appreciate it. I’m not trying to be mean. The complaints are clear. And they are not people who dislike you.


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