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I’m still concerned that we’ll get to the starter for 2 or 3 runs, and then they’ll bring in the lefty that blanked us in Round Rock. That’s my biggest worry.

Second to that is that we get a good performance out of Connor. We cannot afford to let them put up a crooked number in the first 2 or 3 innings.

I don’t think they’ll bring Mathews in for the third or fourth inning. If they do, and he goes three innings, that leaves us the late innings to get to someone else. And if he goes 4-5-6 innings that cooks him for a few days, and I don’t know that Esquer would want to do that.

Coach said most of his saves are 7th 8th and 9th which makes sense you starter gives you six or a couple of people give you six and he takes over. hopefully we’ve got a two or three run lead and they don’t bring him in, but we’ve seen a lot of quality LH this year

I think we would do better against him this time, just lay off the high fastball that’s his out pitch he’s walked 47 people which is really not good at all for your closer. When we play them it was early it was cold and we had not seen anyone throw the ball like he had so he obviously got the best of us.

I know they are using him as a reliever these days…but he threw six innings and allowed 2 hits against us in the game at Round Rock…and this first game is massively important…so I’m not sure they wouldn’t let him throw 4 or 5 innings against us if he was holding us down.

You’re right - it would hurt their bullpen if they did so. But with a day off between every game, it might be worth it.

I guess I’m just paranoid because I’ve seen what good left-handed pitching has done to us most of the season.

This is a good point as well, one I heard both coaches mention in their respective pressers. Not only have the teams changed a great deal since late February, but the conditions are going to be dramatically different. Who knows what carry-over (if any) there will be.

In the words of the noted philosopher Gashog, lose the fear. February was a long time ago. UNC started a lefty against us Sunday, too.

In the super he threw 47 and 66 pitches on consecutive days IIRC. But if he threw 80+ tomorrow, I don’t think he’d be available Monday, which is also a very important game, and maybe not Tuesday if they’re in the LB.

my feelings don’t count for one thing about this, but for whatever it’s worth, I kinda feel good about our chances in part because they did beat us so easily in Feb. Couple that with their pitcher’s words & it’s hard to think they’re not taking us a bit for granted. If we can start out with a pretty good lead, I’m not too worried about their BP. I know they’ve got some hitters, but their record shows they’re not invincible.

The CWS is hard. All 8 teams have a very close to equal chance to win. The only team with an objective advantage right now is OU because they’ve as good as won today’s game. The only team at a bad disadvantage right now is A$M for the same reason.

A&M gave too many walks up! The game is now 12-8 top 9 so the Aggies have 3 outs to score 4 to tie or 5 to win it. I never count any team out in Omaha.

He’d be golden if he had a changeup. Glavine sure made it look easy.

A good change is a difference maker. Hitter have to wonder when the snap dragon is coming or the heater then they get the change up and they can’t do anything with it. The key word is comfort. Hitters that can relax in the box and cause problems.

Snap dragon?

They lost two games at home in the regionals against the easiest draw in the country. It will be pushing a 100 at game time and these frat boys will melt. Hogs win…

Mark McGwire nicknamed Rick Ankiel’s curveball the “snapdragon”.

Like the good curve ball Tygart throws that bends your knees.

Ok. Never heard of that, but then I don’t follow/care about the Cardinals. Never have.

I got to be honest with you Jeff I thought I’d heard every term for curveball but never snap dragon LOL

Well, I do care about the Cardinals, always have, I never heard of that either. :sunglasses:

Stovall leads off. The hogs need to put some pressure on standford.

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