D1: Winners & losers in the draft

D1 has an article which evaluates the effect of the draft on several teams. Arkansas is at the top of the list for the winners.



It is rare that a recruiting class can withstand losses of elite SS Max Muncy (Athletics-1st round), electric-potential LHP Drew Gray (Cubs-3rd round), and left-handed power-hitting OF Jordan Viars (Phillies-3rd round), but this class of future Hogs is so good that it might quickly deem those three inconsequential.


Do you know if it was alphabetical or we did that well?

I had to laugh(happy, jovial smile)when I read this. I had to think back and afterword, I also hoped that meant we did the best - eternal Kool-Aid drinker.

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It’s clearly not alphabetical order, since it went Ark, UCLA, Duke, etc

And I clearly don’t have a subscription because I couldn’t read the article lol

Same problem I had.

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