D1 has us indeed going to Stillwater

We are # 2 against Dallas Baptist SE MO is #4 seed

Well I figure we could advance or get beat. It just depends on which Hogs team shows up and if they are ready to play ball!

Yeah these are just projections we’ll find out tomorrow at 11:00 where we really are

Well it almost 11 now. Yea m going to see where the hogs are headed.

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I’m thinking Austin or Stillwater probably.

Halfway through the bracket

Seems certain to be Stillwater now

That’s good

Yeah it was not in Austin so looks like it will be Stillwater

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Playing Grand canyon… and we saw what Missouri State can do they can crush it.

Grand canyon has a team batting average of 309. So obviously can swing it

Ole Miss was the last team in. NC State was the first team out.

I always take these teams BA’s with a grain of salt. Don’t know how strong the pitching was they faced. 309 Team BA is certainly better than ours though.

They are very good team. They have beaten Arizona twice. Texas tech twice,Oregon State and Stanford. But come in on a two-game losing streak getting beats soundly by Abilene Christian and their last game so they’re a little bit of a up and down like we are.

Beat Texas Tech twice too.

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Right. But I just added they come into it with it two game losing streak getting be pretty sounded by Abilene Christian in their last game. Still I don’t remember playing a team in the first round who’s beating the quality of teams they have

Yep. They hit 68 homers (we have 86) so not a huge homer team, but they can hit it out occasionally.

Rooney says Stanford is the toughest regional, KP thinks Gainesville.

Reading about O’Brate Stadium on OSU website.

3500 permanent seats
Expandable to 8000
Their biggest attendance 6362 for the dedication of the stadium last year.

I can’t do Friday but might think about the weekend if tickets available

We played Grand canyon in 2020 beat them 6-1 and 10- 9… not sure how many are still on their team. We still have a few.

Their Ace is not LH but he looks to be a stud.82 IP 66 hits 107K and I’m sure that’s who we will see

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