D1 Field of 64

Hogs regional projected to have Baylor(2), Nebraska(3), and ORU(4). Super Regional pairing is with East Carolina (16 seed) regional, that has South Carolina as the 2 seed.

Other projections:

  • Vanderbilt(2), MSU(4), and Tennessee(7) are projected as super regional hosts.
  • Louisiana Tech(13) is paired with MSU for Super Regional.
  • Ole Miss(10) is paired with Tennessee for Super Regional.
  • Texas(8) would be Super Regional host to Texas Tech(9)… with the winner playing Hogs first in Omaha.
  • Hogs bracket in Omaha would be: Hogs(1), Texas(8), Mississippi State(4), and Notre Dame(5) (if all higher seeds win)
  • Fairfield is projected as 3 seed in Fort Worth (TCU is #3 national seed). Hey, Fayetteville is closer… please, put them in Fayetteville!

Collegesportsmadness.com puts Fairfield as the 3 seed in Lubbock. Funny typo: they list us hosting the Fayetteville Regional, but they also list Vandy hosting the Fayetteville Regional.

Their BWS field is Okie Lite, Stanford and ORU, BTW.

National seeds: UA, Vandy, TCU, Moo U, Arizona, EOE-A, EOE-K, Rebnecks.

Lately it seems Wicklander is far & away our best starter. Pallette has not been as consistent. I know it’s early & we don’t even know who our opponents will be, but would Dave consider holding Wick to face the likely 2 seed on the second day & trust Pallette to dispatch the 4 seed without much difficulty in game one?

I think Dave learned his lesson about pitching off in the NCAA tournament when he screwed that up in Tempe.

Didn’t we do that at a Fayetteville Regional recently? Connor Noland pitched against Central Connecticut to save Isaiah Campbell for TCU IIRC.

If DVH screwed that up in Tempe, and I take your word that he did, it was as a 2 seed. A lot more dangerous to hold your ace for game 2 against a 3 seed than against a Grambling or Central Connecticut.

I think it depends on the opponent and the difference in the pitchers. Seems to me if you’ve got an overwhelming ace & a very good second, it makes sense to use the ace against the stronger opponent. After all, getting thrown into the loser’s bracket is no worse after the 2nd game as the first. I don’t think I’d ever do it as a second seed, but as the overall #1 seed against a weak 4 seed, I think I’d do it.

With these projected NCAA Regional sites are we to safely assume that the NCAA will decide to stay out of State Politics and award the sites based on team performance, rankings, etc…?

Well they have listed Bogle Park as a potential softball site (20 to be trimmed to 16) so we’ve made the cut to that point. I guess we’ll find out when the actual sites are named. Or when the 20 potential baseball sites are revealed next week.

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